Women Empowerment Uganda

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August 31, 2020
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September 23, 2021

Women Empowerment Uganda


Women are the mothers of the Nation,groom a woman you are grooming the Nation,educate a woman you are educating the Nation,empower a woman you are empowering the Nation.

When empowering women you don’t only empower them with skills,there are so many ways women can be empowered for example ,standards of living and making them know their rights and potentials.

I believe women should know who they are and what they are capable of and this is what this project is about.I believe this project for “women empowerment Uganda” will not leave women the same.
We will teach women about how they can discover their dreams and how to archive them,we will also teach them about how to save and how to live within their standards and how to know their rights as women.

So many women fail because they do not stick to their dreams,sometimes if you want to make it in life you have to walk alone because if you listen to people you can never reach your destiny.
As a woman you have to have a dream and you have to stick to that dream no matter what.
I believe if we teach women how to identify their dreams and stick to them they will be empowered.If your dream is to do big things i believe you have to stick to that.Big things are not only done by men but also women.

Saving and bookkeeping is also very important for “women empowerment “.You can not do any business without knowing how much you put in,how much you have spent and so on.And you also have to do some saving because through saving you can be able to archive something big.
I believe through this project of “women Empowerment Uganda”.

So many times women do not know their rights, i.e. medical rights,marriage rights and so on.
Because of this so many women are mistreated in their marriages and also not allowed to work or chase their dreams,I believe women have a right to work and if at at all they aren’t working the decision should be from them and not the man.How is the nation ever going to develop if some women are seated at home with big dreams?
Women also don’t know their rights and that’s why they get so much mistreatment from medical personnels.Through the “Women empowerment Uganda “ I believe women will be empowered.

Women will also be empowered with different skills through

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