Women Empowerment In Uganda | Success stories of women empowered by MFU

Women Empowerment in Uganda
Women Empowerment in Uganda | MFU
February 3, 2022
Volunteering in Uganda as a youth.
Volunteering in Uganda as a youth.
February 28, 2022

Women Empowerment In Uganda | Success stories of women empowered by MFU

Women Empowerment in Uganda

Women Empowerment in Uganda

Milele School of Community

Success Stories

Below are some of the Women Empowerment in Uganda success stories from the beneficiaries of the Milele School of Community program that kicked off in April, 2021. The participants of the program graduated in January 2022.

  • Nakazibwe Saphinah  (Single, 23 – Resident of Kyebando Katale)

A friend of mine told me about Milele foundation Uganda particularly Milele School of community program. I did not dare to miss the opportunity especially when I learnt that they were training tailoring which has been a passion since I was young. To me, it was a dream come true. 

Ever since I joined Milele School of Community, I have benefited a lot starting from making bags, clothes and other things. I also sold my products and earned some money especially during the Covid-19 lock down.

I have made quite a number of friends from Milele Foundation who have helped me shape my life. This is in addition to acquisition of leadership skills, marital knowledge, Christianity. The only word I can use to describe Milele foundation Uganda is “Encouragement”


  • Nakidde Suzan (Married, 34 – Resident of Kyebando)

Someone passed by my area advertising the Milele School of Community program. I decided to be part of the program, that is how I came to know about Milele Foundation Uganda. I joined Milele foundation Uganda after my business declined due to financial constraints.Women Empowerment in Uganda

When I heard about the education program, I knew God was calling me and all I had to do was respond. 

Milele School of Community taught me how to manage life as a parent. I gave birth to my first born when I was in senior 4. Life was not easy for me but joining Milele School of Community did not leave me the same person since I gained a number of skills like tailoring, leadership, being prayerful, etc.

The only message I can send to other people out there who have not managed to get a chance of being at Milele foundation is “there is always hope” and the words I can use to describe Milele Foundation Uganda is “hope and change.” 



  • Nanyombi Melisa (Married, 21 – Resident of Kyebando)

Milele School of community has taught me tailoring, praying, cooperation and saving money for the future. All I can tell people out there is “always believe in yourself.” 

To me Milele foundation Uganda is a “School of Community.”




  • Nakyazze Christine (Married, 48 – Resident of Kikaya zone B – Bahai)

I am a mother of four kids. My husband got into an accident and lost one of his arms. I lost hope and almost became desperate since I was the one responsible for taking care of the family since my husband was no longer working.Women Empowerment in Uganda

It was in such a situation that a friend of mine – Nankya Faith told me about Milele School of Community. I joined the program and my hope was restored. With the skills I acquired from the program, I know I can be an agent of change in my family and community as well.


The message I have for women is that “women should stop relying on their husbands for everything, they should learn some skills because any time things can change.”    





  • Nazziwa Christine (Married, 29 – Resident of Kyebando)


Milele School of Community has taught me how to associate with others, how to save money for the future and how to make prayer a daily meal.

The only message I can tell the world is that “where there is love, there is hope.”




  • Nasabu Tikyange (Single, 18 – Resident of Kyebando

I joined Milele School of community in April 2021, after a friend of mine recommended it that is intention is for Women Empowerment in Uganda. Women Empowerment in UgandaFrom the day I joined I learnt many things which have had a great impact on my life as a teenager.


I used to undermine small things but Milele foundation Uganda taught me to have love for whatever I do irrespective of how small it may be. To me, Milele means “helping.”





  • Baseme Sylivia (Mother of 5, Married, 27 – Resident of Kyebando Katale)

Women Empowerment in Uganda

I did not get a chance of going to school but Milele Foundation Uganda showed me that persistence is the foundation of success.


It helped me overcome my fears by teaching me how to read the Bible, saving money, tailoring and associating with others. Milele is “love.”




  • Yudaya Namale (Single mother, 25 – Resident of Kyebando)

Women Empowerment in Uganda
I used to think that success was only for those who got a chance of going to school. I would think that I was meant to fail but Milele school of Community restored my hope.


It gave me a chance to uncover my potential – something I will live to remember for the rest of my life. To me, “Milele is a parent who never discriminates against his children.”





  • Wetsenge Phoebe (Married, 28 – Resident of Kikaya Zone B)

Milele School of Community has taught me how to survive in this hard life.                                                                    I lost my mother while she was giving birth and life was not a bed of roses for me.

But when I joined Milele Foundation Uganda, my hope was restored. I got knowledge on leadership, financial discipline, associating with others, family development, and most importantly i learnt more about God




  • Nakamyuka Allen  Mukuye (Married, 30 – Resident of Kyebando)

I used to be home alone whenever my husband went to work, it was something that gave me a hard time, but one of Milele Foundation Uganda administrators invited me to join Milele School of Community.
Women Empowerment in Uganda

The program gave me what to do by teaching me tailoring. I also learnt how to save money. Therefore the message I have for many people out there is,
“Having a skill in life is essential at every stage and once a skill is acquired, it can never be lost.”




  • Nankya Faith (Married, 40 – Resident of Kikaya zone B)

I went to church on a Sunday and our pastor talked to us about Milele School of Community. Realizing that it was high time, I grabbed the opportunity.Firstly,I was jobless since I did not go to school.Women Empowerment in Uganda 



Secondly,I had always been passionate about tailoring, Milele made my dream come true. In addition to tailoring, I acquired leadership skills and financial discipline. “Milele has taught me repentance and never to be selfish”. 



Milele Foundation Uganda intends to restore hope through Women Empowerment in Uganda to many more vulnerable women from different communities and make sure that we building  self-reliance communities.

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Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Ronnie is a God fearing man, a philanthropist, and a hardworking young man. On top of that he works at Milele Foundation Uganda as the Programs Coordinator and the Reservations Officer at Milele Safaris Uganda.
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