Women empowerment advantages 

Educational women empowerment in Uganda
Educational women empowerment in Uganda
March 9, 2022
work with orphans and homeless kids in Uganda
Work with orphans and homeless kids in Uganda
March 21, 2022

Women empowerment advantages 

women empowerment advantages

Women empowerment advantages 

Women empowerment advantages- Like the common saying goes, “behind every successful man, there is a woman” and so are the economies, behind every steady progressing nation, there are efforts of thousands of women. They will always support growth and development whether they are on the forefront or they are operating behind the scenes. This is the reason why Milele Foundation Uganda chooses to empower vulnerable women in one way or the other.
women empowerment advantages

Women empowerment is the only venture whose labor and dedication can never be in vain. It is a project that yields fruits at the right time.


You might be wondering, what is the relevance of empowering women or does women empowerment have any advantages? 




Here are some of the thousands answers to all your questions about the relevance of women empowerment.

  • Women empowerment helps increase their self-love, self-esteem, builds confidence in themselves which is a door to their bright future.
  • Women empowerment is one of the sure ways of creating gender equality in every country of the world. One would be wasting time spreading the gender equality gospel without empowering women. It is like starting a car without fuel. It will never make any steps ahead and the result is failure and remain stationary. 
  • Empowering women helps women empower their own families hence reducing the burden of vulnerable children and families. This has been proved beyond doubt that once you empower a mother you do not need to empower her son or daughter. This is because an empowered woman is an empowered family hence an empowered nation. 
  • Empowering women reduces the number of crimes related to gender inequality, poverty and ignorance. Most women and girls have fallen victims of defilement, rape, early marriages, torture, etc. because of inadequate or lack of empowerment at all. It is difficult to send an empowered girl into early marriage in the name of cultural and religious beliefs because empowerment means knowledge of the law, self-awareness, and self-reliance, confidence, to mention but a few. 
  • It also makes women champions and leaders of women empowerment campaigns. Jesus did not start with hundreds for his gospel to spread as far as it is now, he started with twelve disciples and the numbers grew until what it is now. What do we mean? When you empower ten women in a society, the ten will empower their ten friends and the chain continues, before you know the entire country’s women are empowered. 


Milele Foundation Uganda has tested the power of women empowerment for the past years, this was seen in the 2021 Milele School of Community program, where a number of women left school with tailoring skills, financial discipline, to mention but a few. 

The door is still open for volunteers interested in participating in our volunteer programs. Make a decision now and have a great impact on women of the nation and the world as a whole. 

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Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Ronnie is a God fearing man, a philanthropist, and a hardworking young man. On top of that he works at Milele Foundation Uganda as the Programs Coordinator and the Reservations Officer at Milele Safaris Uganda.
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