Vulnerable women empowerment

Empowering Vulnerable Women in  Uganda  

Women in Uganda have had a secondary status in society in comparison to men.  A woman has to play the role of a good daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother and bread earner. In return, a woman has mostly been cornered and dominated by her family or husband or in-laws, and lives under their control, listening to them and compromising with their every wish.

Through one of our programs – Milele School of community, we empower women with quite a number of skills that transform their lives from just bread earners into bread makers of the society. We go a step ahead and ask ourselves a question; instead of sponsoring their children, why don’t we sponsor the women so that they can sponsor their children? After all it is difficult for us to sponsor all their children since most of them have more than one children.

Milele School of community was launched in April 2021 and the first group of women is graduating on the 29th January 2022 which is a milestone in our women empowerment journey. Graduates have been equipped with a number of skills in areas to do with  tailoring, hairdressing, jewelry making, baking, etc. in addition to communication skills, marketing skills, sanitation and hygiene, mentoring, to mention but a few.

Why women?

Irrespective of globalization and modernity, some societies in Uganda still consider women to be the weak gender for quite a number of reasons some of which are cultural and religious in nature. Some societies have not fully adapted the culture of educating the girl child until the end, even those who try are discouraged by other factors such as financial constraints.

These are some of the reasons why most girls stop at senior four or senior six level and they are only left with marriage as the best option to put into consideration.  This has resulted into a vicious cycle of early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, and HIV/AIDS increased rates, unstable marriages, poverty, school dropouts, name it.

Such are the reasons as to why Milele foundation Uganda chose not forget about women and decided to empower them through the program – Milele School of Community.

Why should you join us and empower women?

There are quite a number of mothers out there battling with rising school fees, hospital bills, shelter and other basic needs of life for their children, but look, Milele foundation Uganda has paved a way for you to reach out to such women with compassion and have an impact on their lives and the lives of people around them.

How to donate to Milele School of community?

Milele foundation Uganda gives you an opportunity to share the love and compassion of Christ trough donating to any of its programs Milele School of community inclusive.

All donations automatically fund our current projects. If you wish to make a contribution to a specific project, please let us know by sending us an email.

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Educational women empowerment in Uganda

Milele School of Community

Milele School of Community is a program that was birthed from the outcry of vulnerable women in our communities in Uganda, asking us to supply them with job training that they can use to generate income streams for their families. Many vulnerable women living with HIV in Uganda, widows, and single mothers fighting poverty. We launched the School of community which gives women living in poverty an opportunity to gain employment in such fields as tailoring, hairdresser, jewelry maker, baker, etc.

We aim at building a self-reliance community, building a network of women equipping them to lead the transformation of their communities.  The women in Uganda are equipped with knowledge to be in position of changing their communities.  We had this year’s graduation where the 2021/22 women under the program celebrate.

Sponsor a Woman Today!   30$ month.

Milele Neighbourhood.

Milele Neighborhood is within our Community empowerment, an effort to partner with communities to beautify and help with tasks that make neighborhoods safer and healthier. This may include trash clean-up, small renovations, painting, etc.

We believe that healthy communities will raise healthy children, and aim to leave changes within Ugandan communities that are long-lasting. So we seek investment from those who live in vulnerable communities and involve local people in these projects. From encouraging children to properly dispose of waste to teaching men how to complete small repairs, we wish to see the people of the neighborhoods invested in these projects.

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