Volunteering opportunities in Uganda

Volunteering  in Uganda

Milele Foundation is offering volunteering  opportunities in Uganda  to Kampala or neighboring communities. If you are interested in bringing a team, we would love to host you! Teams of 8 to 15 people are welcome to apply for upcoming trips. Generally, teams will partner with us at schools to complete service projects, spend time with children, experience Ugandan life and culture, and take a safari or other tour (depending on budget). If you do not have a team of 8 or more people, we can try to partner you up with other smaller groups.

We would be honored to explore the opportunity of traveling with us. Our service trips are open to all kinds of groups such as:

  • Youth Groups
  • High Schools
  • Life / Cell Groups
  • Churches
  • University Students
  • Families
  • Workmates
  • Friends

Milele Foundation is one of the many organizations that offer volunteering opportunities across the world. The organization believes in serving with a compassionate heart which is why it does not deny compassionate people an opportunity to do so.

Why Volunteer in Uganda with Milele Foundation?

Milele foundation Uganda’s mission is “Changing lives and empowering communities through sharing the love. This is one of the major reasons why one should put volunteering with us  into consideration.  We bring an opportunity of being part of the team whose aim is serving others. We believe that by volunteering in Uganda  with us you are not just sharing your love but changing lives and restoring Hope. “Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh.”

Volunteering in Uganda with Milele Foundation is a one of a kind experience since it comes with a conducive volunteering environment that turns your moments into memories. We work on projects that are attainable and we have always celebrated success of our projects which gives our volunteers an opportunity of being part of the team(s) that caused the success.

What will I do as a volunteer in Uganda?

Milele Foundation is open to all volunteers whether they have a lot of work experience or they are just curious to learn.  Volunteering with us in Uganda depends on the ongoing projects and how much time you intend to stay with us as well as your experience. The longer you plan to stay with us the more responsibilities will come your way. Therefore volunteering with Milele Foundation Uganda requires a lot of flexibility.

What are the required skills for any volunteers in Uganda with Milele Foundation?

Milele Foundation Uganda is an organization that upholds quite a number of values thus volunteering with us requires quite a number of skills among which include but not limited to the following; great communication skills, a good work ethic, adaptability, problem solving skills, enthusiasm, a non-judgmental approach, respect for diversity, resilience, great cultural awareness, eagerness to travel, dedication, social mindset and flexibility.

What language skills are required to volunteer in Uganda with Milele Foundation?

Milele Foundation Uganda carries its operations within the local communities which is why we allow volunteers who speak local languages however those who speak English are the most preferred since it is the most commonly used language by both staff members and other volunteers.

What are the benefits of Volunteering in Uganda with Milele Foundation?

Volunteering with Milele Foundation Uganda helps the organization accomplish our goals but it is not rocket science that it comes with individual achievements. These include;

  1. Opportunities to learn; Milele Foundation Uganda gives volunteers a conducive environment to its volunteers to learn acquire new skills, they undergo training and get equipped with the requirements of the ongoing projects.
  2. People; volunteering with us introduces you to people from different corners of the world who are blessed with different skills something that makes you appreciate the beauty of diversity. This is an opportunity for you to build meaningful friendships that will influence you future in one way or the other.
  3. Experiences and happiness; volunteering with us forces you out of your comfort zone and introduces you to different spheres of life which can never leave you the same. It has been proved by research that people who volunteer live happy lives, this is because their service gives them a sense of importance.
  4. Travel; Milele Foundation Uganda conducts travel trips to different parts of the country which gives its volunteers an opportunity to explore new areas. If traveling is one of your hobbies, consider volunteering with Milele Foundation Uganda so that you turn dreams into reality.

How do I get started as a volunteer in Uganda with Milele Foundation?

Having had an insight on what volunteering in Uganda, the choice is now yours. Below are some of the steps that can guide you while you make the decision;

  1. Check whether there is a match between the ongoing projects and your skills.
  2. Look at the location of the project and decide whether it matches your area of interest to travel to.
  3. Get in touch with us and see whether what your experience fits somewhere in our areas of operation and get started.

Our team is ready to work alongside you to plan your adventure. You will change your lives, and your lives will be changed! Please  Sign Up    for more information and to begin planning today!

Volunteering in Uganda

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