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Milele Foundation offers service trips as well as local volunteer opportunities at our outreaches and in all of our programs. We are also looking for people who want to dedicate their time here at our office, or even remotely with tasks like web design and administrative duties.

The volunteering opportunity that Milele Foundation gives you is truly rewarding. It allows both volunteers and expats to get involved in a cause, meet locals who have big, untapped ideas and tremendous hearts, and get to know more about the country they are in as they positively impact the lives of people.

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For groups or individuals wishing to visit Milele on a service trip, reach out to our trips coordinator,  at volunteer@milelefoundation.com.

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    Although not compulsory, we also encourage all of our volunteers to fundraise some money at home before they come. Bringing a donation from friends and family back home to Uganda is unique in that you will immediately and directly see where that money is going. Donating money is one thing but to raise your own funds, physically bring it to Uganda and see it being used first hand is a great way of leaving a lasting impact on the community.

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