Types of empowerment in Uganda

Disabled care and special needs
Disabled care and special needs
March 8, 2022
Educational women empowerment in Uganda
Educational women empowerment in Uganda
March 9, 2022

Types of empowerment in Uganda

Types of empowerment in Uganda

Types of empowerment in Uganda (Social, Educational, Economic, Political and Psychological).Investing in women empowerment and skills development is one of the most urgent and effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth in Africa countries particularly Uganda.

Much as there has been an increased effort in types of empowerment in Uganda, quite a number of girls in different parts of the country remain victims of school dropouts, early marriages, rape, to mention but a few.

This is why country women need more empowerment than before since failure to empower them comes with negative impact not only on the lives of women but also on their families and the country – Uganda as a whole.

Much as our focus as Milele Foundation Uganda draws much of its attention to women, Uganda as a country has quite a number of empowerments which include but not limited to;

Social empowerment:

There are many ways in which social empowerment can be done in Uganda. Uganda is one of the many countries in Africa which experience poverty due to social problems like gender based violence, discrimination, marginalized groups, to mention but a few.

This is one of the reasons why different organizations like Milele Foundation Uganda gave social development volunteer programs whose major focus is addressing social issues within the communities and ensure economic growth.

You can therefore be a key player in social empowerment by for example fighting against gender based violence (GBV). You as well sensitize communities about the beauty and benefits of living in harmony with people from different corners of the world in order to end discrimination and racism.

Educational empowerment:

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can give to your child.” Nelson Mandela once said. Indeed education in Uganda has proved to be one of the pillars of the nation. However, there is still a number of loopholes within the education sector.

Starting from the way Uganda’s Curriculum is designed, to the way teachers are paid, the environment in which schools are operating, parents’ willingness to take their children to school, name it. All those are reasons which explain Uganda’s need for education empowerment.

Educational empowerment in Uganda can be done through constructing school structures, sensitizing parents about educating children, encouraging children to stay in schools up to completion, participating in policy formulation, to mention but a few.

Economic Empowerment:

Uganda has one of the fattest growing economies in Africa. The economies opens to all investors from different parts of the world has led to a huge difference between the current government and those of the past. However, Uganda is not yet seen on the list of developed countries in the world and Africa as a continent.

This means that there is tremendous need for economic empowerment in Uganda. The empowerment can be done through supporting small businesses, formulating policies that provide investors with a conducive environment that is inflation free, creating more jobs to reduce unemployment rates, offering small interest loans to Ugandans, etc.

Political empowerment:

Uganda also needs to be politically empowered in order for her to realize a steady economic progress. This is because the country still has loopholes within her political space.

Uganda is a democratic nation but the truth is that some democratic principles have not been fully adopted by all members of the state. The country still needs leaders who are more practical and leaders who are flexible enough to operate on the terms of globalization.

Psychological Empowerment:

“Liberate people’s minds they will liberate themselves.” Change starts with the mind before it is evidenced in the outside environment. Psychological empowerment is one of the fundamental empowerments in Uganda. People have been victims of psychological problems and as such we have seen increased suicidal cases, murder, rape, school dropouts, etc.

These result from problems like diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Covid-19, economic reasons like inflation and increasing prices of fuel which increase costs of production, to mention but a few. The only way of curbing these psychological problems is through psychological empowerment.

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Types of empowerment in Uganda….

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