Empowerment Dialogue – The Reality Series

Empowerment Dialogue – The Reality Series

Empowerment through dialogue, we run the Reality Series,  a talk-show-style. Using various speakers from Uganda and other countries, we explore ideas that focus on three key topics: relationships, family, and business.

Guests are asked questions about their own life experiences and they share their perspectives through a Biblical lens. The attendees are encouraged to ask questions so they may learn practical lessons that they can apply in their own relationships, at home, and in their workplaces.

There is a time of worship, and a number of musicians, pastors, and speakers share from their talents for beautiful nights of fellowship.

If you would like to be involved in The Reality as a speaker, singer, or pastor, or if you have equipment or location to donate for the use of these incredible events, please reach out. We are seeking consistent host churches in the Kampala area.

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