Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

Children with disabilities in Uganda
Children with disabilities in Uganda.
March 29, 2022
How sponsored children empower communities
How sponsored children empower communities
March 31, 2022

Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?- When we talk about disabled children, we are talking about children with hearing, visualizing, physical and mental complications that makes their lives difficult since they cannot do some of the work on their own which makes their lives somewhat difficult. This a times makes them vulnerable in their communities, to the country and world at large.Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

Much as the government, parents and care takers are struggling so hard to make lives of these children better, they still cannot do it all due to the limited resources.

You might be there and much willing to volunteer with Uganda’s disabled children but still asking yourself if Uganda is safe for you to do so. Worry not because Uganda is a real testimony of peace and freedom.

Yes, it’s very much safer to volunteer with disabled children in Uganda. Indeed, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa as Winston Churchill wrote in his famous book My African JourneyUganda is a politically stable country.


She is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa with hospitable citizens, a very calm environment and attractive physical features like rivers, forests, game parks where one can spend their leisure time while volunteering with the children.

All this is the logic behind Uganda’s safety for all the people from different corners of the world. Imagine, if Uganda can be given credit by tourists, how about volunteers especially those that target disabled children! volunteer with disabled children in Uganda.

What makes Uganda the best place to volunteer with disabled children?

  • Availability of security. The Ugandan government has quite a number of people recruited in the security sector. These are individuals with high ethical and moral standards. The Uganda Police and Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) put human life and human rights first as they exercise their duties.They are a team of committed members who will be able and willing to appear on your door step to offer anyhelp as long as you reach out to them. Feel free to dial 911 or 999 or walk to the nearest police station while you are on your volunteer trip to Uganda. You will be given help and may not necessitate going to your country’s embassy headquarters depending on the magnitude of the help that you need.
  • Hospitality. Uganda is country highly known for being hospitable with welcoming and loving citizens who love helping people as much as they can. Their hospitality makes everyone feel at home with good resting places hence making Uganda a safe country for volunteering with disabled children.
  • Availability of tourism attractions. Uganda has very nice and gorgeous tourist attractions like animals, national parks, water bodies, forest reserves, mountains and museums that people can explore and visit during their leisure time thus making Uganda a safe place for one to volunteer with the disabled children.
  • Availability of commercial services. Uganda has convenient commercial services with a number of banks and mobile money services around the country. This makes it so easy for one to access variety of service since one can easy withdraw and send any money at any time and from anywhere.
  • The country also has different courier company offices like DHL which can easily deliver goods from across the world. It can be of help, in the event that you want to get what you forgot home or maybe you want to send something back to your country.
  • Additionally, Uganda’s technology has been advanced to an extent that you can order for goods and services such as food and they get delivered to your door step in a blink of an eye. All these make Uganda an easy and safe country for one to volunteer with disabled children.
  • Availability of various means of transport. The different means of transport for example the Uganda airways, the roads and railways make transport very easy and safe for people to travel to different places at any time of their convenience. This means that you will be able to walk or drive to your area of volunteering at any time with an assurance of safety.
  • Presence of favorable climate. The favorable climate of Uganda with favorable rains and sunshine that is just enough and cool for the people favors one to enjoy Uganda with limited cases of health complications while volunteering with the disabled children in Uganda. Thus making the country very safe for everyone to volunteer with disabled children.
  • Availability of a variety of foods in Uganda. There is no safer country in the world than a country that produces her own food for her population! Farming is Uganda’s back bone with almost 90% of the Ugandans depending on farming.

    They grow a variety of foods like beans, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, banana with a lot of different kinds of fruits. It is only in Uganda where you will go to the garden and get that food or fruit which you have been getting from the groceries and supermarkets. 

    This provides enough food to its citizens and everyone in the country hence making Uganda a safe and favorable place for one to volunteer with disabled children in Uganda.

Is volunteering with the disabled in Uganda safe?

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