Milele Children’s Choir

Milele Children’s Choir is a group of African children based in Uganda, composed of about fifteen children and five adults.

 The choir is made up of children who have lost one or both parents to the AIDS epidemic or to war others have faced extreme poverty. The choir has not yet toured any international countries.  We are planning our first music tour performing our album “Come Alive”

This production is a blend of native African rhythms, contemporary gospel music, and ethnic dance. We have released one album Come Alive. Our unique organization has different programs that are life-changing and sponsoring children all over the country.

We are requesting support from churches, individuals, company’s, nonprofits to have these kids dream come true as we believe and aiming at raising funds and making awareness towards the projects we run in Uganda.


How you can be part


  • Be a voice for the choir
  • Invite us for the show in your church, cinema any venue where we can hold our concerts
  • Support the choir travel expense
  • The host part of the team during the trip




Volunteer to be part of the admin organizing team for the Tour. Would you love to invite the choir to contact the international choir coordinator at

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