Why Do You Need To Sponsor A Child In Uganda ?

Have you been wondering why there is need for you to sponsor children in Uganda now? Well, here are a few reasons as to why you may need to sponsor a child with Milele Foundation Uganda.

  • God loves a cheerful giver so when we give, we are always blessed.
  • Sponsoring a child gives you an opportunity to learn more about Uganda, her climate, physical features and geography. This is always through the use of letters that are often written to you by your sponsored child/children on a termly basis.
  • Your sponsorship contribution does not only help your sponsored child/children, it also impacts the parents of your sponsored child with meeting the school requirements and other day to day basic needs.
  • Sponsoring a child/children is one way of fighting Poverty in Uganda. Through your contribution, these children get a chance to complete their education, get empowered and are equipped to become world changers.
  • In Uganda, most of the children have limited or no access to medical care since it is expensive. Your sponsorship fees can be of great importance through helping these children receive medical care services. This is one way of changing lives in Uganda.  Sign up now by sending an email  sponsorship@milelefoundation.com or sponsorship@milelefoundation.org
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