Disabled Children Empowerment

Disabled Children Empowerment

Regardless of ability, we believe all children have a right to reach their full potential. We all want to keep our children safe and secure and help them to be happy and healthy. Preventing injuries and harm is not very different for children with disabilities compared to children without disabilities.  However, we help parents and guardians to find the right information and learning about the kinds of risks children might face at different ages that is often not easy for parents of children with disabilities to find.

One out of every 20 children aged 14 or younger, amongst the 93 million kids around the world, are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind. These disabilities include speech, eyesight, or movement, and are usually caused by communicable diseases, congenital abnormalities, and even injuries.

We have made enormous progress in addressing the needs of children with disabilities through providing programs that will help children with disabilities become aware of their potential, and fulfilling their dreams. We believe having a disability is being differently-abled; it is most definitely not an inability and should not be perceived as shameful and disgraceful.

We are thrilled to partner with Victoria Hospital to provide free surgical care to kids in our partner communities who may need surgery due to a disability or illness. In this program, we assess the necessity of surgery as well as the potential for improvement of quality of life. Some children will be able to participate in this life-saving and life-changing program.

While the majority of costs are covered by our partnership with Victoria Hospital, some after-care will not be covered. Costs such as wheelchairs, rehabilitation, long-term medication, etc will need to be paid for by the families who are served. Should you wish to sponsor a child with a one-time donation for aftercare, please send us a message and we will assess your budget and match you with a person who you can help.

How empowering disabled children can help eradicate poverty in Uganda.

A disabled child is a child whose physical and mental health is not normal and they always have issues relating to intellectual, hearing, visual, speaking impairments to mention but a few. These children are in most cases looked at as less productive to the communities they live in.

Milele Foundation Uganda is here to change each and everyone’s mindset that disabled children can be empowered and change the story of these children. This can help eradicate poverty in Uganda through the empowerment of the disabled children and helping parents and educating them on how to handle such children.

Empowerment simply means extending a helping hand to those who are not in position to support themselves. This can be in form of finances, skills, education or even through sensitization that will help them change their lives and their standards of living hence living better lives.

Disabled children can be empowered in communities through sponsorships, sensitizations, skill trainings and many others and all these can help eradicate poverty in the following ways.

  • Through empowerment of disabled children, they gain the skills like business skills that they put into practice by joining the business sector who in the end start earning large amounts of money that help them make their lives better as they can now even take care of their parents hence helping in eradicating poverty in Uganda.
  • Through disabled children empowerment, these children are able to acquire knowledge of how the world moves and its challenges and how they are being solved. These very children can start participating in decision making either at family level or beyond that cause a great impact on the environment and Uganda as a whole hence helping to eradicate poverty in Uganda.
  • As a result of disabled children empowerment, these children gain the confidence to demand for their rights like any other person hence some end up participating in different sectors like politics and start acting as a voice for the people they lead which is a form of provision of services then eradicating poverty in Uganda.
  • Provision of disabled children with education helps them gain the confidence and they discover their potentials in different fields. Some of these children are given a hand to continue to higher levels of education who as a result become very important people like the doctors, lawyers, engineers, great business men and women who are paid highly and come back to communities to support others thus eradicating poverty in Uganda.
  • Through empowerment of disabled children, their love for the country is raises and they feel they have a belonging and once these children are given chance to participate in any community work they do it in the right way required hence eradicating poverty in Uganda.
  • Through provision of education to disabled children as a form of empowerment gives a chance to these children to join the employment sector in future and as a result these citizens also provide revenue to the government in form of paying taxes that the government use to provide services to the government to provide services to the people hence eradicating poverty in Uganda.

How can one volunteer with disabled children in Uganda.

The following are the ways in which you can volunteer with the disabled children in Uganda.

  • Through advocating for equal rights of children regardless of their physical make up.
  • Through sensitization of parents and care takers of these children on how they should handle and treat these disabled children.
  • Through provision of scholarships to support disabled children in schools whose parents are not in position to raise their school fees.
  • Through mentorships of the disabled children with in our communities of how they can explore their potentials both in schools and around communities.



Ones’ disability is another person’s inability and one’s inability is another one’s disability and no one chooses to be born the way they are born and how the future should handle them from any risks that may cause disability to them. Therefore, everybody should join hands together in helping children attain all rights like any other children and this can be through sponsorships, donors, community sensitization and many others.

Volunteering in Uganda


Disability is not inability and no one chooses to be disabled. It is all by God’s will for individuals to be who they are and live the way they do! This is the reason as to why Milele foundation Uganda through its founders came up with an idea of extending a hand of help to the disabled children in one way or the other.

Milele foundation chose to categorize those children as children who are differently abled but not children who are disabled. Since the time of conception of the idea, Milele foundation has made effort to reach out to as many children as possible and the aim is still higher in the years to come.


It is fundamental to accept the realities of life and appreciate life in its own shape. Empowering children with disabilities is a key to unlocking their potential and it’s a whisper of soul into their lives that even without legs you can walk the world. If life can be complicated for induvial without disabilities, how about those with disabilities? Milele foundation Uganda finds it everybody’s responsibility to empower children with disabilities for a better future.


Milele foundation Uganda through its children with disabilities empowerment program has been practically indulging children with disabilities in  quite a number of ways among which include the following;

  1. Providing them with an enabling environment

Milele foundation Uganda goes a step ahead and puts words into actions where necessary by ensuring that children with disabilities get access to an enabling environment from where they can unlock their full potential. In doing this, we have preached the gospel to all the surrounding communities about the need to give children with disabilities a conducive environment that favors both their physical and mental wellbeing.  We train their parents / guardians on how to talk to them in a motivational way, how to respond to them in case they are demanding things that might be beyond their reach at the moment, dealing with their school life, to mention but a few. We have realized quite a number of challenges in implanting some of the ideas but the success obtained in the past years is beyond measure.

  1. Freedom from abuse, exploitation and violence

Research has it that children with disabilities stand higher chances of abuse, violence and exploitation compared to those without disabilities. This has been achieved through providing children with disabilities and their parents / guardians with information about their rights and roles in the society. We realize that quite a number of children with disabilities suffer abuse, violence and exploitation majorly because of ignorance of the law and their rights. This sensitization has enabled them realize their potential through expressing their needs without any fear. We have achieved this through operating on a principle of “Liberate people’s minds, they will liberate themselves.”

  1. Empowerment through inclusive education

For the past decades, education as a right has been confirmed as a short cut to other rights, this implies that children with disabilities are not exceptional.  Milele foundation has made sensitization efforts in regards to educating children with disabilities and a great deal of success has been registered in the past years since the program began.

  1. Living and being included in the community

It is evident that some societies have not adapted the culture of socializing with disabled individuals. Some refer to them as curses to their parents, others look at them as abominable, etc. Milele foundation Uganda has made effort to sensitize communities about the need for families to accept children with disabilities and treat them equally with those without disabilities. We have encouraged them to participate in community leadership, health, education programs, to mention but a few. This has resulted into unlocking their potential for a great future.


There is a lot of meaning beyond just words; “disability” and “special needs.”  They are common terms in our societies, we live with them but the way we use and apply them mean a lot to different people. One might be wondering what is the difference between the two words, if I am born with disability, does that mean that I am having a special need? What if I am not born with any disabilities, does that make me an exception when it comes to special needs? When you meditate upon the words, you realize that every individual whether disabled or not disabled has a special need but what differentiates the two is that the disabled might be actually disabled to acquire the special need. It might be more difficult for a lame child to access school on time compared to the child with both legs.

Knowing a disease is being half cured. Now that we know how the words are related or different, it is high time we learnt on how to apply them in our real life events and those of our friends, families, workmates, classmates, name it.

It is true that most disabled people are not limited by their physical disabilities but by their perceptions of their physical disabilities. It is much of mental than physical. They suffer the pain of being physically handcuffed and thus shift the handcuffs from the body to the brain. They live in agony, grief, wishing they never lived, cursing the days they were born, to mention but a few.

They keep wondering whether it is possible for them to attain education, get married, have families, be part of the cooperate world, name it. This is such a great tragedy not only to them but also their friends, families and the country as a whole.

Does this mean that we should give up, sit back and watch these people perish? This is not the best thing to do, these people were created by the same God, born on the same days like us, no one chooses to be born with disabilities, and some of them were born with full body parts but for reasons like diseases, torture, accidents, etc. they are now people with disabilities. This is why they need your help more than before.

You can be part of the global change by not doing big things but doing small things into the lives of people with disabilities through meeting their special needs. You can do this by being part of our volunteer programs, donating to children with disabilities under our care or sponsoring a child with disability for their education. It is possible for you to be a reason someone lives for the next fifty years.

Join us as we provide care to people with disabilities and special needs. Caring for them is not just our promise but a debt to be paid. This can be made possible through keeping kids engaged in mindful games, teaching them basic lessons, assisting them in making crafts and paintings, carrying out activities through which they can learn valuable lessons and assisting the caretaking staff in administrative work of the center(s).

We have seen testimonies of people with disabilities who have had a great impact on the nation and the world as a whole. We have seen great art, music, and other creative work made by people with disabilities. This is reason enough for grooming more people and support their talent. We still believe that disability is not inability.

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