Disabled Children Empowerment

Disabled Children Empowerment

Regardless of ability, we believe all children have a right to reach their full potential. We all want to keep our children safe and secure and help them to be happy and healthy. Preventing injuries and harm is not very different for children with disabilities compared to children without disabilities.  However, we help parents and guardians to find the right information and learning about the kinds of risks children might face at different ages that is often not easy for parents of children with disabilities to find.

One out of every 20 children aged 14 or younger, amongst the 93 million kids around the world, are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind. These disabilities include speech, eyesight, or movement, and are usually caused by communicable diseases, congenital abnormalities, and even injuries.

We have made enormous progress in addressing the needs of children with disabilities through providing programs that will help children with disabilities become aware of their potential, and fulfilling their dreams. We believe having a disability is being differently-abled; it is most definitely not an inability and should not be perceived as shameful and disgraceful.

We are thrilled to partner with Victoria Hospital to provide free surgical care to kids in our partner communities who may need surgery due to a disability or illness. In this program, we assess the necessity of surgery as well as the potential for improvement of quality of life. Some children will be able to participate in this life-saving and life-changing program.

While the majority of costs are covered by our partnership with Victoria Hospital, some after-care will not be covered. Costs such as wheelchairs, rehabilitation, long-term medication, etc will need to be paid for by the families who are served. Should you wish to sponsor a child with a one-time donation for aftercare, please send us a message and we will assess your budget and match you with a person who you can help.

Lifeline Surgical Program

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