Community & Vulnerable women empowerment

Empowering Vulnerable Communities  

Within our Community Empowerment, a number of programs take place.

Milele School of Community

Milele School of Community is a program that was birthed from the outcry of vulnerable women in our communities in Uganda, asking us to supply them with job training that they can use to generate income streams for their families. Many vulnerable women living with HIV in Uganda, widows, and single mothers fighting poverty. We launched the School of community which gives women living in poverty an opportunity to gain employment in such fields as tailoring, hairdresser, jewelry maker, baker, etc.

We aim at building a self-reliance community, building a network of women equipping them to lead the transformation of their communities.
we need more equipment to empower women in the communities.

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Milele Neighbourhood.

Milele Neighbourhood is within our Community empowerment, an effort to partner with communities to beautify and help with tasks that make neighborhoods safer and healthier. This may include trash clean-up, small renovations, painting, etc.

We believe that healthy communities will raise healthy children, and aim to leave changes within Ugandan communities that are long-lasting. So we seek investment from those who live in vulnerable communities and involve local people in these projects. From encouraging children to properly dispose of waste to teaching men how to complete small repairs, we wish to see the people of the neighborhoods invested in these projects.

Community Engagement

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