COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT|Milele School of Community.

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July 27, 2020
Women Empowerment Uganda
May 8, 2021

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT|Milele School of Community.

Tailoring is one of the easiest and best way women can earn a daily income to cater for their family needs.

Biblically a hard working woman is interpreted as “A WOMAN OF VALOR” because she is a nurturer, a warrior and a fighter at heart that not only fights for her personal world and those she loves, but also for the people around her.


With that in mind, we came up with a project where we will be helping  the vulnerable women in different categories that include; single mothers, teenage mothers, and all other unemployed women yet they are the ones to provide for there families.

We shall be empowering by training them job creating skills like tailoring, bakery, etc. These services will be offered for free and we shall be using the machines we managed to acquire from or sponsors and partners.

These skills will help them create their own jobs and be able to provide a living for them selves plus their family members.

As MILELE FOUNDATION UGANDA, we realized that many children have failed to access good education, good feeding, good clothing and proper medication due to the poverty in their homes or families and most of these affected families are managed by single mothers whereby some of them were abandoned by their husbands, some are widows and some were chased from their parents homes due to early pregnancies and later neglected by their husbands living all the mentioned kinds of mothers responsible for providing for their families.


We believe that the results of this project will bring relief and change in so many lives and this makes Milele Foundation Uganda A LIFELINE TO HOPE

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Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito
Ronnie is a God fearing man, a philanthropist, and a hardworking young man. On top of that he works at Milele Foundation Uganda as the Programs Coordinator and the Reservations Officer at Milele Safaris Uganda.
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