Uganda is one of the developing countries in the world which are struggling to make sure that her people stop living below the poverty line. Poverty is elevated by factors like high fertility rates which mean a woman gives birth to an average of 5 children and this brings about incidences such as Child neglecting and abandoning, increased numbers of street kids, unsafe environment, to mention but a few.  This leaves most of Ugandan children in a state where they cannot afford being in a safe environment for shelter, education and also cannot meet other day to day basic needs. These and many more reasons is why there is need for child sponsorship in Uganda today.

                    Why Do You Need To Sponsor A Child In Uganda?

Have you been wondering why there is need for you and I to sponsor children in Uganda now? Well, here are a few reasons as to why you may need to sponsor a child.

  • God loves a cheerful giver so when we give, we are always blessed.
  • Sponsoring a child gives you an opportunity to learn more about Uganda, her climate, physical features and geography. This is always through the use of letters that are often written to you by your sponsored child/children on a termly basis.
  • Your sponsorship contribution does not only help your sponsored child/children, it also impacts the parents of your sponsored child with meeting the school requirements and other day to day basic needs.
  • Sponsoring a child/children is one way of fighting Poverty in Uganda. Through your contribution, these children get a chance to complete their education, get empowered and are equipped to become world changers.
  • In Uganda, most of the children have limited or no access to medical care since it is expensive. Your sponsorship fees can be of great importance through helping these children receive medical care services. This is one way of changing lives in Uganda.


 Is it allowed to sponsor more than one children in Uganda?

Surely you can sponsor more than one child. It could even be a whole family depending on your wish and pockets. Your sponsorship caters for the child’s education, health facilities, shelter, clothes, food and water. Your sponsorship ends the moment your sponsored child is done with his/her education and is ready to join the employment world. You can still have a stable relationship with this child/children as you continue guiding him/her about the principles of life in the work place.

Sponsorship plus helps us meet the needs of the children in the process of finding sponsors for them.

Are you interested?  go to our sponsorship gallery  to see some of the children  available for sponsoring.








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