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Our Story

Milele was founded in 2017 and registered officially in June 2018 in Uganda as a company limited by guarantee incorporated with Limited Liability. In 2019 we received our NGO certification from the Ugandan government.

In 2017,  Founder, Joshua, had an idea. He saw lots of organizations in his city of Kampala, Uganda who were looking to help others, but he saw something was often lacking.  He wanted to incorporate Christ into outreaches in his city.  He wanted to impact lives for Christ in spiritual and physical ways.

From this point, we have been working to share hope with people in the communities.

A number of other people both in Kampala and internationally have come alongside our Ugandan-born organization and we are watching God bless the sacrificial work we are doing.

Values: To achieve Milele’s objectives, we have 4 principles we rely on strictly. We put integrity first in all we do. We are accountable to one another and to our donors, as well as to the communities we partner with. We operate with transparency. We seek to act with professionalism in all we do.

Our Mission Statement:

Milele exists to change lives and empower communities through sharing the love of Christ.

We accomplish this by partnering with Ugandan communities to provide support through labour, healthcare, and project-based repairs and solutions to problems. Examples may include installing water systems, making repairs to buildings, providing new equipment to schools, and leading neighbourhood beautification projects.

We also negotiate opportunities to witness to people in the community through neighbourhood adult schools, and in-school services that teach people about the Love of Christ, giving them fresh eyes for the gospel and how it can change their families and their futures.

Milele Foundation Executive Board:

We are composed of  members and individuals invited on the basis of adequate professional experiences in areas of relevance to Milele Foundation Uganda. To mention a few: The Team Leader, Board Chairman, Treasurer,  Board Secretary and they all oversee the work of the organization. Our board consists of members from both Uganda and countries across North America and Europe.

Board Members

Ssenfuma Charles

Board Chairman

He is a professional Teacher , Writer and Editor.

Kevin Bwana

Board Member

Director Aspire Life that gives health care services in Uganda.

Dr Andre Isbell

Advisory Board Member

Professor with Experience in Psychology

Ken Henderson

Advisory Board Member

Executive Director of non profit in Cathedral City

Erin Sharp

Board Member

Rehab Clinical Educator & Member of Adapative Surf Project

Allan D. Bunyenyezi

Head Legal/ Board Secretary

A lawyer by professional , serves on different Boards that support Humanity


Ann kobusingye


Segawa Denis


Kwagala Roy Irene

Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Kisakye

Founder & Team Leader

Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito

Programs Coordinator

Why We Work

To help create safer schools so children can attend school and learn without worry for their health or safety.

To identify children who’s lives could be dramatically improved by surgery and other health care.

To provide practical workshops that can give people a safe space to explore their faith and ask questions about Christianity.

To teach women practical skills that will allow them to better provide for their families.

To facilitate international cooperation and cross-cultural experiences through short-term and long-term missions opportunities.

To encourage and empower the next generation to change their communities for the good.

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