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Milele exists to change lives and empower communities.

The Milele Foundation Uganda strives to support Uganda’s most vulnerable populations; Orphans, disabled children of Uganda, schools that have needs, vulnerable women, and our acts lead to great community empowerment of the most vulnerable local Ugandans that need help.

We aim to empower people and create lasting changes that will leave communities better prepared to care for themselves and care for future generations.

Our Programs and Value

‘Milele’ means Forever in Swahili. We are the Forever Foundation because our programs are aimed at improving the lives of our beneficiaries forever.

Most importantly, we want to share the life-changing message of Christ that brings everlasting hope to the people of Uganda.

Read more about our programs and how you can get involved.

Why We Work

To help create safer schools so children can attend school and learn without worry for their health or safety.

To identify children who’s lives could be dramatically improved by surgery and other health care.

To provide practical workshops that can give people a safe space to explore their faith and ask questions about Christianity.

To teach women practical skills that will allow them to better provide for their families.

To facilitate international cooperation and cross-cultural experiences through short-term and long-term missions opportunities.

To encourage and empower the next generation to change their communities for the good.

Touched by our work?

Support Milele Foundation today

The Milele Foundation is one of the Ugandan charities that helps disadvantaged children. We are changing the lives of many Ugandan orphans with your help by sponsoring their education, providing meals, clothing, books, and medical assistance.

In the eyes of a Ugandan child, you can be a hero. Sponsorship has a long-term impact on the lives of children, their families, and their communities. Give a meaningful gift that will change the lives and futures of children in Uganda and beyond. Everyone will find something to their liking!

Your love will give a child hope that will last a lifetime as you exchange letters, send photos, and offer encouragement in Jesus’ name. Today is the last day to sponsor a child in Uganda!

Sponsorship of a child

In Uganda, child sponsorship is the most cost-effective way to break the poverty cycle. It not only meets a child’s immediate physical needs, but it also boosts his or her self-esteem.


Empowerment of the Community:

Mileles’ strategic focus on community empowerment equips health care consumers with knowledge of their health rights and responsibilities, as well as skills to assert those rights and fulfill their responsibilities, and facilitates a health consumer–health provider feedback mechanism.

Milele Foundation-Uganda works with grassroots community leaders to build their capacity and knowledge so that they can teach their local community members about health rights and responsibilities using the ToTs (Trainer of Trainers). These leaders, often known as community trainers, play an important role in local communities as change agents.

Goal of Community Empowerment

Dissemination of information on health rights and responsibilities, including sanitation and hygiene within the community, to educate and empower people in the communities , particularly the poor and vulnerable.

Empowerment For the Poor – Uganda (MFU) aims to help impoverished women and youth overcome socioeconomic barriers in their families and communities by improving their business and entrepreneurship skills, providing opportunities for skilling programs  and value addition, and improving their access to knowledge and information.

Support Children with disabilities

Families with disabled children face additional challenges and are frequently isolated. The entire family is affected by disability on a social and economic level. Families must be given the tools they need to overcome obstacles to their children’s inclusion.

The MFU creates opportunities by forming parent support groups and child rights clubs. Families are given the tools and resources they need to overcome inequalities:

Opportunities to share experiences, socialise, and learn from and with one another Opportunities to raise community awareness and improve the situation of children with disabilities and their families. We help some get to have corrective surgeries to restore their movements through our partner

Child Sponsorship

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