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Milele exists to change lives and empower communities through the love of Christ.

The Milele Foundation Uganda strives to support Uganda’s most vulnerable populations; Orphans, disabled children of Uganda, schools that have needs, vulnerable women, and our acts lead to great community empowerment of the most vulnerable local Ugandans that need help.

We aim to empower people and create lasting changes that will leave communities better prepared to care for themselves and care for future generations.

Our Programs and Value

‘Milele’ means Forever in Swahili. We are the Forever Foundation because our programs are aimed at improving the lives of our beneficiaries forever.

Most importantly, we want to share the life-changing message of Christ that brings everlasting hope to the people of Uganda.

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Why We Work

To help create safer schools so children can attend school and learn without worry for their health or safety.

To identify children who’s lives could be dramatically improved by surgery and other health care.

To provide practical workshops that can give people a safe space to explore their faith and ask questions about Christianity.

To teach women practical skills that will allow them to better provide for their families.

To facilitate international cooperation and cross-cultural experiences through short-term and long-term missions opportunities.

To encourage and empower the next generation to change their communities for the good.

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